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Canada Auto Desk

From NAFTA counseling to setting up shop — a solid connection in Canada

The Canadian auto sector has its own set of challenges and opportunities, coupled with those of the broader industry. Our team understands the complexities involved with auto operations all over North America, and has counseled Tier suppliers and OEMs with Canadian operations and supply chain issues for decades.

Comprehensive service and a can-do approach

Whether companies are looking to form or expand operations in Canada, including their workforce, or use NAFTA to minimize duties, we offer the depth, speed and experience that lead to competitive advantage.

If a supplier is in distress and production is threatened, we have law firms in Canada and Mexico at the ready to help ensure minimal disruption to our clients’ operations. As the auto supply chain continues to become more global, we work in close partnership with Multilaw and other law firms to ensure seamless collaboration to address cross-border needs.

In addition to helping clients with their strategic and legal issues, we are deeply invested in the growth of the auto industry as a whole. That’s why we created AutoConnect— a forum for networking between all key industry players in the global auto market.

Importing or exporting, our counsel can boost your bottom line. Get the goods and minimize duties and risks. Download our brochure.

Our team can be your go-to for all things auto-related, including: