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Connected Car Technology

Helping clients innovate as technology accelerates

Today’s cars are more connected than ever, making contracts between OEMs, vendors and suppliers that much more complex. We understand the technology behind the connected car, from infotainment options to autonomous driving to the use of onboard computer analytics to offer you the automobile of the future. 

And while existing laws have yet to catch up to the technology, deep experience is essential to navigating this next frontier. 

The fbtAUTO team is skilled in drafting contracts to benefit clients based on current contracting principles as well as the ways laws are changing to address this new, more connected landscape.

Understanding the technology alone, or even just the law isn’t enough.

You need a legal team with a holistic view of all parties involved and how they fit into the larger automotive supply chain. We help all key players maximize opportunity:

Our connected car technology experience includes:

Representing the creator of a digital platform containing standardized protocols for the development of connected car applications

For example, we have worked with OEMs, suppliers and software developers to draft contracts that:

As connected car technology continues to evolve, and even self-driving cars move from concept to the assembly line, the fbtAUTO team will be here to protect our clients’ interests at every innovation.