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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property flowchart to success

Protecting the advances that advance the industry

There is a race to innovate in the auto industry, and it didn’t slow down with the introduction of autonomous vehicles. OEMs and suppliers face constant pressure to deliver greener, safer and more technologically advanced products — and their IP assets are full of risks and reward.

Automotive intellectual property requires experienced guidance

With advanced engineering degrees and an in-depth knowledge of nearly every major system involved in an automobile — from control programming, control hardware and systems, ignition electronics, power conversion, materials science and more — our attorneys speak the auto industry’s language. But we are not just technologists. We are IP strategists, serving as trusted members of our clients’ legal and R&D departments, working seamlessly alongside clients’ executives and innovators to build, leverage, and protect the IP assets fueling tomorrow’s growth.

As today’s cars quickly become computers on wheels, we assist clients with a broad range of IP matters, including advising on design modifications to avoid infringing others’ patents, collaborating with competitors on patent pooling arrangements, and enforcing patents and trademarks across the globe.

Our IP attorneys provide automotive OEMs and suppliers with:

In addition, we have:

The automotive industry is global, and so is our practice. We provide international intellectual property services, ensuring our clients’ IP rights are enforced across the globe.