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Product Liability

Car parts puzzle peices

We defend the product and don’t back down when it’s time to try cases

Advanced technologies have made cars safer, yet more complex. Even more complicated is the web of potential issues auto suppliers and manufacturers face today, from high-profile government investigations to international recalls. With thorough understanding of the drivers behind our clients’ businesses and the scientific principles involved in auto product liability, we are well-equipped to take on cases in jurisdictions around the world — and take them all the way to trial.

All expert witnesses are not created equal: We know how to draw out their theories and the strategies to employ to maximize favorable results.

Expert witness testimony powerfully influences jurors, and often, determines the outcome of cases. We leverage the nation’s leading experts in a wide range of scientific topics — metallurgy, fire, restraint systems, biomechanics, glass and glazing and crashworthiness, to name a few — to our clients’ benefit. We can effectively cross-examine and choose the appropriate defense teams to educate and persuade judges and juries.

We know vehicles, from the inside out. We have spent years walking plant floors, talking to engineers, and exploring our clients’ operations from every angle. We work in tandem with company engineers and outside consultants to communicate technical concepts in clear, straightforward, yet persuasive ways.

Our extensive experience with key expert witnesses has led to numerous plaintiffs being forced to dismiss product liability cases when we use Daubert challenges to successfully exclude the testimony of plaintiff’s witnesses. The result: cases resolve without payment or the cost of trial.

Experience that goes the distance

With a deep commitment to achieving results, our attorneys have served as national counsel for OEMs and suppliers on catastrophic injury or wrongful death cases involving a wide variety of product defect claims. We have represented OEMs in high-profile product liability cases.

We have also:

The depth and determination to aggressively pursue trial

We know what it takes to try auto product liability cases, and have successfully represented numerous OEMs and suppliers at every stage of the litigation. Hiring a legal team who can effectively conduct pretrial discovery is only part of the story. Our product liability attorneys aggressively pursue trial if settlement is not what our client wants.

We have tried numerous auto product liability cases to verdict throughout the country. This experience includes defending hundreds of wrongful death and serious personal injury cases, securing verdicts in difficult jurisdictions such as East Texas, rural West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico, Georgia and Illinois.