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Supply Chain Management

Global supply chain map

No supply chain is immune to breaks — here’s how to strengthen yours

Breakdowns in the global automotive supply chain are inevitable — from distressed suppliers to customs seizing parts at port. Our team is skilled at helping OEMs and suppliers in times of crisis, as well as mitigating risks and preventing crises from ever occurring.

Our team's diverse experience includes service as in-house counsel with both domestic and foreign OEMs and years as lead outside counsel, ensuring no learning curve for us when it’s time to draft and negotiate deals between suppliers and OEMs. In addition, our international experience eliminates distance and language barriers with companies in Japan, Germany and Mexico, to name a few.

Contractual agreements 

We work with OEMs and suppliers to clearly communicate each party’s expectations to avoid conflicts and disputes in ways that, in turn, can clearly be communicated with other parties and departments. Having worked with major players in purchasing, design, development, or even the part-approval process, allows us to quickly negotiate and draft:

Proactive stability measures 

Our team can visit a facility and conduct an extensive audit to determine any operational deficiencies. This audit includes a detailed action plan on how to address these issues before red flags turn into three-alarm fires. Whether it’s an OEM wanting to understand the strength of its supplier network, or a supplier looking to identify its own weak points, these audits can help mitigate risks up and down the supply chain.

We also serve as lead outside counsel to OEMs for: